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Pre Sale Inspections
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Pre Sale Inspections

If you are thinking of selling your property. Pre sale inspections can help you prepare your property for sale by rectifying any issues prior to listing.

Any issues discovered by potential buyers during the sale process may jeopardise the sale:

  • The longer your property is on the market may entice you to lower you asking price.
  • Any issues with the property may give purchasers the ability to negotiation the sale price.
  • Generally purchasers over estimate repairs or renovation costs, its much cheaper to repair and clean up your property prior to listing.

InspectionSmith offer a Basic structural – Pre sale inspection. This inspection will identify any structural issue with your house prior to listing.

Pre purchase inspections and Pre sale inspections are of the same level of focus and detail. We use the same inspection criteria and reporting. The only difference is who the report is for, the vendor or the purchaser.

  • Pre sale – Basic structural inspection (Appendix A of AS 4349.1-2007, structural elements only).
  • Pre sale timber pest inspection (AS 4349.3-2010)
Note: The inspection report can be transfered to the purchaser on request.
Note: When booking a combined pre sale building and timber pest inspection you receive a $50 discount.
If you are not sure on the inspection you should choose, please call Darren on 0437 018 885 and he can assist you on your selection.
Basic Structural Inspections

This report is designed to identify structural defect of the house.
Concrete Slab Foundation (Structure)

Timber Sub Floor (Floor structure)

Walls (Internal and external wall structure)

Roof (Roof and ceiling structures)

Attached balconies, stairs and patios (Structure)

Electrical (Compliance of smoke detectors & RCD safety switches)

Add Electrical & Plumbing to your Basic Structural Inspection $50

The following will be inspected

Electrical (Power points & Light fittings)
Plumbing (Kitchen, bathroom & Laundry Plumbing)

Add Swimming Pool/Spa Safety Barrier Inspection $50

The following will be inspected

Fence, gate, latch (Compliance)
Climbable areas around safety barrier

Safety Barrier inspections are in accordance with AS 1926.1 Fencing for Swimming Pools.

Combined Basic & Timber Pest Inspection $470
Timber Pest Inspections

This inspection covers Termites, Wood Borers and Fungal Decay. The following areas will be inspected.
Concrete Slab Foundation & Timber Sub Floor (Slab edge & Timber floor structures)

The interior of the building (Internal and external wall structures, Cabinetry, Skirtings and Architraves & any other timber work)

The roof space (Roof and ceiling structures)

The exterior of the building (Balconies, stairs, patios, Grading & Drainage and excessive moisture)

The property within 30m of the building (Sheds/Garages, Exterior structures, Fencing, Surface Water, garden timbers and Vegetation).

Note: A $50 discount applies when booking a combined pre sale building and timber pest inspection, an ideal combination for full peace of mind

Additions to Standard Inspections

If the house has additional accommodation (granny flat) there will be an additional fee of $100
If the house has a timber sub-floor an additional fee of $50 may apply
Note: If the property has multiple out buildings or the house has more than 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms there may be additional fees, please call us to discuss.
Note: In regards to appliances it should be noted that we are not licensed plumbers or electricians. Any comments made are not that of a plumber or electrician. Any operating of plumbing and electrical items is restricted to turning the fixture or fitting on and off using normal operator controls at the time of inspection. We do not check for the efficiency, correct wiring or plumbing of these items. We recommend that a qualified contractor be engaged to make comment on any matter that is raised in this report when dealing with gas, plumbing and electrical matters.

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