When is the best time for a building inspection?

Pre-purchase Inspection for purchasers – Buy with confidence

Most real estate contracts will require the pre-purchase inspection to be completed within 7 to 14 days from either contract acceptance or finance approval. For a thorough property inspection, ideally, the property would be vacant with no visual obstructions. Inspections can still be successfully completed with the furniture and belongings still in place however inspectors do not move furniture or visual obstructions to check walls and other areas that are behind them.

At InspectionSmith we recommend pre-organising your property inspection, so it can be completed as early as possible allowing you enough time to read the report and ask questions prior to the due date. This allows any negotiations and rectification work to be carried out without delaying the settlement date.

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Home inspection for sellers – Sell with confidence

Pre-sale inspections are the same as pre-purchase inspections except the vendor does the booking. Having an inspection prior to listing your property for sale gives you the opportunity to prepare your property for sale, rectify any structural or legislative issues. It avoids any surprises that are raised by your purchasers when they order their pre-purchase inspection.

You can avoid:

  • Giving purchasers the ability to re-negotiate the accepted sale price.
  • Purchasers generally over estimating the rectification costs.

It is usually more cost effective for the vendors to repair and clean up the property prior to listing it.

A pre-sale inspection report can also be used as a disclosure document for the property sale.

At InspectionSmith we will transfer the pre-sale report to the purchaser on request at no extra cost.
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